DOB: 04/07/65

Place of Birth: North Shore Hospital, SYDNEY, NSW

Current Occupation:  Mum, Coach, Motivational Speaker and Businesswoman
Current Coaching: Ikaika Hawaii, WYC Watermans Program, Oahu, Hawaii
Interests/Hobbies: Surfing., Sailing, Paddling, Hiking, Travelling & Music
Biggest Influences: My Mum, My Family, travelling the world from a young age, Living in America and the Australian Institute of Sport
Dislikes:  Tall Poppy Cutters & Knockers
Admired Persons: I admire many people for different reasons and qualities. I try to learn different things from lots of extraordinary people some of those are: my Mum, Guy, my children, and others like, John Newcombe, Daley Thompson, Alex Hartman and Daniele Scarpa.


Food: Bocconcini & Tomato
Drink: Lava Flow

Music:  Jack Johnson
Book/s: "The Power Of One", " Never Say Never"


Self employed Fitness Consultant, Fitness Leader, Insurance Agent, Assistant Manager Marketing, Manager- Clothes Outlet, Physical Education Teacher, Promotional Work, Acting and Presenting.

Through her own training, teaching physical education, university lecturing, and her business- (personal training, fitness classes and sport camps ) Shelley has developed a wealth of knowledge in the "Lifestyle Arena".



Make a positive difference in the lives of everyone I meet ! 
Inspire the use of sport to teach positive life lessons.
Have a happy balanced life with adventure & love!
Have no limiting beliefs on what I can achieve!


Be true to yourself!

Smile from within & always look for the good in every thing, action, and person!

It's not what happens, it's the way you see things that makes you who you are!

Everything in your life comes down to the choices you make!