COACH SHELLEY OATES                                                                    

"My dream is to enjoy each day I'm here, learn the best from every opportunity & give back my knowledge to make a positive difference in the lives of others!"

BE YOUR BEST!               PADDLE YOUR BEST!                    ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

Ready to be your best, paddle your best!  Whether its for fitness, to gain a college scholarship, for national or international travel and competition or its the OLYMPICS you are striving for........
Shelley would like to see if she can help you realize your greatest dreams! 
To learn more about what opportunities are open to you or your child contact us here.

Currently Shelley is the vice president and founder of the Non Profit IKAIKA HAWAII. She resides in Hawaii with her passion and skill set to make a positive difference in the lives of the youth of Hawaii. Through the Waterman's Programs she facilities her goals are to build a large base of champion athletes and people and then develop the pathway for kids to grow, travel and become Olympians, World Championships and honorable representative of themselves, their State, and Country. 
She has now developed the IKAIKA WATERMAN'S COACHING COURSES and the coaches she has in her team are  trained and share in the ASPIRE Philosophy. ATTITUDE, SPORTSMANSHIP, PERSEVERANCE, INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT AND ENJOYMENT! 
Shelley is currenty employed be the WAIKIKI YACHT CLUB to deliver the  WYC Watermans Programs which are all developed and implement the Ikaika ASPIRE philosophy. She also continues to spend her time developing positive life style & watersport opportunities for as many youth from around the world as possible! She also enjoys her motivational speaking to reach and inspire others to know their own dreams, be aware they have all they need and can life each day with passion and happiness! 
 With 25 years as an elite athlete and coaching and teaching in Sport, fitness & the health industry...... Shelley is passionate about passing on her experience and knowledge to help others enjoy their life through paddle sports!

contact:, 8083883207